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Song, Lead and Cover a Week Season 2, Week 2

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    Song, Lead and Cover a Week Season 2, Week 2

    The concept is simple. You either write a whole original song, or you cover a song you have never covered before, or you learn a lead/solo.

    The song part is easy, write all riffs, record all parts, and submit. I don't mind if you had bits lying around before, the idea here is to finish a song, or write one from scratch. Please don't abuse this though, don't like submit something you finished 2-3 weeks ago and pretend. This should make the effort here about the same as a cover and less daunting, and be in the spirit of getting us to finish shit, or write new shit. Punishment in the form of black hole points deductions if you get caught uploading your shit you've had for ages. Keep within the spirit of this.

    The cover is also easy, you pick a song, you cover it in any way you want. Angel of Death converted to steel drums in midi? Go for it, but it MUST be done during the week, no submitting stuff you did like a year ago to try and get internet kudos. You can go some other part of the forum and put it up on a look at my glorious achievement thread there. I'll negative point you to the point of oblivion if this is transgressed.

    The Lead a week, now I know people have no time etc, so the lead a week is as follows:
    - pick a lead/solo you want to learn
    - grab a backing track of the internetz with your google-fu
    - cover the lead over the backing track and try and nail it.
    - your submission should be in the form of a video so we know you nailed it or got close (this is because the cover and song guys have more to do, so this is the least we can ask to get the same points)

    I'm also going top try something a bit different here as well. At the end of each week, I'll start a voting thread for the weeks entries. The top 3 will get extra points for the top 3. This is to encourage you to try and do something as awesome as possible.

    Date for submissions is Sunday midnight 28th November for this one... As always. I will check every Monday around 10am where I am and total up points then.

    We'll run for 8 or 10 weeks depending on participation.

    Anyway, here's the rules:
    - youtube, soundcloud, whatever, as long as it can be listened to in the thread. (lead a weeks need to be video of you playing it)
    - write one song per week
    - cover one song per week
    - learn one lead per week
    - 10 points for the cover and first original song and lead
    - must be songs. 3 riffs stuck together do not a song make (otherwise it'd be easy to just submit 10 collections of riffs and get points, this is against the spirit of it all)
    - you're allowed 1 grindcore level joker song, but it still has to be a song. you must indicate this on your submission
    - submissions to be posted in this thread, soundcloud links, youtube, dropbox, whatever, as long as it can be played without paying something to someone.
    - you will not steal from others except when doing covers
    - discretionary points awarded for extra work (like making a youtube music video, or anything entertaining)
    - submit by the time i have fed myself coffee on monday morning (but basically, sunday night somewhere in the world is your deadline).
    - discretionary bonus points awarded for extra effort (dressing up whilst playing your lead of the week, music videos and other creative things that make your stuff stand out)
    - all decisions by your benevolent dictator (me) are final

    - be a dick. songwriting is a skill you learn, and some may be better than others. By all means, give advice, encouragement, but don't go saying "this sux noob" etc. Penalties wil involve points deductions roughly equal to the amount of string and drum hits in the first minute of the liquid tension experiment 3 opening track.
    - steal shit of other people. covers are fine, lifting someone elses work and passing it off as your own, whether that be from a member, or from a different forum is not cool. Penalty for infringrement, see above

    Standings so far:
    Iron1: 10pts
    Nick: 10pts
    Naren: 10pts
    7 Dying Trees: 10pts
    desertdweller: 10pts
    scole: 10pts
    T Gobbs: 10pts
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    Here's mine for this week. Still trying to get the bass tone to play nice with the guitar tones...

    Recorded with my Franken7 (with Nazgul in the bridge - still need a good neck pickup for this one if anyone has any recommendations based on my style/sound), HT7 (Fishman Open Cores) and SR305e.

    Also trying to get the most "bang" with the drums without just turning them up... not sure I got there.
    Don't expect much, it's not like I'm a Rocket Surgeon...


      Originally posted by Iron1 View Post

      The part around 2:56 was great


        Might have some intonation issues to check but oh well, outta time.


          Originally posted by scole View Post
          Might have some intonation issues to check but oh well, outta time.

          Good stuff as always. Love that 80s Ratt/guitar hero vibe.
          Don't expect much, it's not like I'm a Rocket Surgeon...