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Multiple songs a week submissions - thoughts?

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  • Multiple songs a week submissions - thoughts?

    I dunno, but the multiple songs a week in the same category just isn't feeling very fun overall, and I think it is detrimental to the whole purpose. I think I am going to go back to one song per week, so more time is spent on them and honing them rather than trying to score points which is what I have a feeling may be subliminally happening.

    Also, it's a ballache to add up every week.

    So there's two options, either one song or cover (maybe lead), or you can do all 2/3 and over achieve.

    The other thing I was thinking of is adding a theme to each week with bonus points awarded if you manage to write to said theme, but if not, you'd still get the usual 10.

    Basically the thinking is that the bonus points should be awarded if it's pushing participants outside their comfort zone, or usual modus operandi.

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    I'd vote that if you're going to change it, go back to the way it originally was with only one submission a week scoring points, but that submission can be an original, a cover or a lead. Then, if there's a tie going into the end, do some wide-open final week as a tie-breaker. That format seemed to get the most consistent participation IIRC.

    Don't expect much, it's not like I'm a Rocket Surgeon...


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      I think the theme idea could be cool, because I find that going outside your comfort zone really helps with developing as a player/musician.

      And yeah, for me at least one song a week is definitely enough - there's been quite a lot going on recently so I haven't even managed to get that one song done.


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        I agree, one song a week works for me, Im running out of riffs :p

        also gives us time to tweak and fine tune everything. Im trying my best to keep up


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          One song is enough for me as well. I think the idea of a theme sounds great!


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            Would very much be interested in a theme. Would it be possible to get bonus points for covering another SAW song as well?