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Song a Week General Rules

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  • Song a Week General Rules

    The General rules here on decent behaviour, and so I don't have to keep rewriting them every week, as that gets repetetive.

    - write one or more songs per week
    - cover one or more songs per week
    - write a lead over a backing track once or more per week
    - you get points for a entries
    - points after that will be 5 for a second, 3 for a third, 1 for a 4th and 1 for every one after that.
    - must be songs. 3 riffs stuck together do not a song make (otherwise it'd be easy to just submit 10 collections of riffs and get points, this is against the spirit of it all)
    - you're allowed 1 grindcore level joker song, but it still has to be a song. you must indicate this on your submission
    - submissions to be posted in the weely thread, soundcloud links, youtube, dropbox, whatever, as long as it can be played without paying something to someone.
    - you will not steal from others except when doing covers
    - discretionary points awarded for extra work (like making a youtube music video, or anything entertaining)
    - submit by the time specified in the season threads
    - all decisions by your benevolent dictator (me) are final

    - be a dick. songwriting is a skill you learn, and some may be better than others. By all means, give advice, encouragement, but don't go saying "this sux noob" etc. Penalties wil involve points deductions roughly equal to the amount of string and drum hits in the first minute of the liquid tension experiment 3 opening track.
    - steal shit of other people. covers are fine, lifting someone elses work and passing it off as your own, whether that be from a member, or from a different forum is not cool. Penalty for infringrement, see above
    - spam the thread with tons of non songs just to get points. If I feel someone is just putting crap up to score points for extra songs, I'll just not count the points.

    And for those that can't read words or only understand moving pictures: