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Last year I wrote I bunch of instrumentals for Postcast BGM use

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    Last year I wrote I bunch of instrumentals for Postcast BGM use

    Similar to my 31 Pop Songs in 31 Sundays experiment... but actual complete songs, actual links, and without the pretense of trying to write something to a strict deadline Iron Chef style.

    Funny enough, the Pop Song experiment I did was the catalyst for these. The backstory is that I got hit up by a friend who was trying to make her own series of Podcasts during last year's lockdown period and wanted to use some of my music: from both my upcoming album and some of the Pop stuff. Rather than reusing them, I offered to write her a bunch of all original music at a fee. She accepted and next thing I knew, I had about an album's worth of music.

    Unfortunately most of her plans folded with only 2 episodes available (and ended up using my pop leftovers), but she still intends on using them, so all good for me. That said, I thought I may as well share them. Posting a new song at the start of every month, so far I've got 2 and more coming.

    Sep 21

    Oct 21

    Nov 21

    Dec 21

    Jan 22

    Feb 22

    Mar 22

    Apr 22
    Skipped a month and released an 8-Bit Remix of an existing song instead.

    May 22

    Jun 22

    They're still a little rough around the edges, namely because last year was the first time I've recorded and produced entirely on my own. Though there are some songs that I plan to record with a proper band (ie drummer) later down the line. That will be a while though since my second album is top priority right now.

    Hope you have those throwing stones ready...
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    New month, hence new song.

    I'm not really a blues player per se, but it was a good time to try it out.
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      I really like that Blossoms in the Wind End of Winter song. Good schtuff.


        Originally posted by Naren View Post
        I really like that Blossoms in the Wind End of Winter song. Good schtuff.
        Thanks man!

        There's actually a funny story about that one since I ended up writing 2 versions of it. The client gave me some inspiration from her Instagram stories and wanted me to write something similar with a happy spring time vibe. So I wrote something quickly and notated the entire thing on Sibelius (sans guitar harmonies and solos), in a day. The next day I got cocky and thought maybe I can record 2 mixes of the same song and pass them off with cheesy themes: Winter being ambient/electronic with strat/clean melodies and Summer being full rock band Satch affair (which I'll probably post next month). Recorded both version back to back in a day and sent them that night.

        Needless to say I was buggered by the end of it all, but the client loved both versions so much so everybody's happy.


          New month, so new song.

          The 'summer' version of Blossoms In The Wind, so it's not really a new song, more new remix.
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            The new year passes and continuing the tradition of uploading these songs one at a time. Also put all the songs on the OP.

            One of the acoustic based tracks. Tried to avoid using keyboard pads as a chordal template, but ended up doing a ton of overdubs instead, which naturally ended up being a pain to mix.

            Oh Happy New Year by the way.



              New song up since I've committed myself to doing this. This is a little different from all the others, since I wrote this as part of my solo music in between albums. Originally planned with a band in mind, but stylistically doesn't fit the music for my upcoming album, let alone the stuff I'm currently writing for the release after it. So I ended up recording this version as part of the podcast series. Did a play through a while back as well just because.

              It'll definitely be more fun to play with a real rhythm section especially with the guys I've got at the moment.


                Still committing to sharing all these songs from 2020's stay home and shut up sessions at the start of every month. So another song up on the cloud. Posted on the OP.

                This one is actually my first attempt in mastering. While I did my best in taking my time with the process, it's still rough around the edges but that's what learning is all about. At the very least it's an improvement on the sound quality of the crappy playthrough I did a while back.


                  2 songs behind posting. Oh well here they are anyway. Posted in the OP.

                  These last 2 are the least guitar oriented of the bunch and now traversing into easy listening muzak territory. At this point these are just excuses to practice my engineering skills, be it mixing and mastering and every little thing in between. Definitely a good study for me personally to see how I'm slowly getting through it all, again forcing myself to get some work done at the start of every month.

                  All this whilst tracking all the guitar parts for my next album. And then a few extra gigs and sessions on the side of that too.