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    Did a quick demo

    In addition to writing 31 pop songs, turns out I wrote an album's worth of instrumentals, most to be used for podcast BGM. Posted it on the gram like some wannabe influencer douche...

    Most of the material is usually elevator muzak to gasbag over, and I had this song written years before. But stylistically it had no room in my upcoming album, nor the one after it, so I thought it worked well for a podcast. So I demoed it and had it sent. It's basically a clean strat exercise affair. Initially I tried to keep it as a power trio format, but I couldn't resist putting overdubs. Though I tried to make sure the overdubs are subtle and minimal.

    This was around the time I was still fumbling around with Logic Pro so it's really rough. The drums are obviously programmed, and I recorded the acoustic direct and not room mic'ed since I'm still trying to figure mic placement in my house. And I'm sure there's possibly some phase issues going on. This demo was done completely by ear, whilst trying to bumble through stuff.

    Eventually recording this with a proper rhythm section is the goal, though that'll be later down the line.

    I swear I'll write something with riffs eventually.
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    Did another one.

    Another song I wrote for a podcast. I was given a few concepts to work around and this one ended being Motown influenced, which at first thought maybe too cheerful to have in the background but turns out the client loved it. I actually might consider releasing it properly depending on schedules. And while I did try my hardest to make the drums sound as authentic as possible, I'd still prefer to get a real drummer to play it.