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  • NPD: Dee Double Ewe

    Picked these up. The Axis Longboards are nice but they just feel heavy af, I don't think I'm a believer in direct drive pedals and the longboard felt cramped and weird behind my kit, plus I'm leaning toward heel down technique which felt like shit with my feet essentially floating or with my heels behind my knees.

    Wasn't opposed to getting fancy pants 9000s but my spirit animal seems to be Gene Hoglan, who favors 'less is more" and lighter pedals. To that end, the 5000 seems to be the same quality as the 9000 but lighter and this one on particular with the single chain drive.

    So far I really like them, there was like zero learning curve these felt like home again tbh.

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    Solid choice for sure. I would think there’s too much play in the single chain version but my Pearl P932s are single chain so


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      Originally posted by scole
      Solid choice for sure. I would think there’s too much play in the single chain version but my Pearl P932s are single chain so

      We'll see, so far they feel pretty good. The slop might come into play more at extreme speeds like 200+, but I think you're still seeing a bigger gap between chain drive vs direct drive than you are single chain vs dual chain, just because they still lock into the sprocket the same. You might have to get into chain stretch more before you're seeing a measurable amount of slack but I haven't dove into that yet.

      If they feel funky after I get some more time in with them, a strap drive conversion is reasonable or swap for dual chains but as far as the form factor and build quality of these, I'm very very happy with them.

      EDIT: I had a pair of Eliminators prior to this and they felt NASTY sloppy. You could feel the pedal wiggle in the heel and toe ends both. This is an old ass 5000 and it still feels solid on both ends. So I gotta imagine build quality and the condition of the pedal also plays a huge role. I had to FIGHT those Eliminators.


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        I *think* my instructor has 5000s (but they could be 9000s- I don’t recall) and the one time I played behind his kit the DWs definitely felt firmer/stiffer than my Pearls. Not bad per se but noticeable.


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          Hell yeah. Kick that shit.


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            I hear that the Demon style footboards are more substantial, which probably makes them a lot less wiggly than what I had . Heel area definitely looks way meatier than the P2000C.


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              Is it true bypass?


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                Nice score! I have the dual chain 5000s, and I actually upgraded to the 9000 because I liked the 5000 so much, but I ended up selling the 9000 and keeping the 5.