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FS: Prototype Schecter KM-6 MKIII Hybrid

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    FS: Prototype Schecter KM-6 MKIII Hybrid

    I don’t want to do this but adulting calls and she deserves a good home! This is a one of a kind prototype Schecter KM-6 MKIII Hybrid sold from Drum City Guitar Land, and I am the second owner of the guitar. From everything that was listed about the instrument it is identical to a KM-6 Hybrid in every way except for the finish (I’m not sure if the body is mahogany or swamp ash).

    I believe there is a small “P” stamp (for prototype?) in the back one the headstock by the serial but I’m not sure. Guitar is in excellent condition, I can’t find a dent or ding or scratch on it - there is some VERY minor glossing where you’re pinky would rest on the bottom under the strings, but you just have to be looking at the right angle to see it. Also, I’m not sure if this is the way the guitar came from the factory or was a thing from the second owner but one of the screws for the back control cavity is a different size, not sure why and I haven’t opened it up to look at anything.

    I’m asking $1100 shipped in the US, or best offer (kind of a time sensitive thing, this was 1400 brand new). Please message me for my PayPal, I can provide references so you have peace of mind. Also, I wouldn’t be able to ship until probably next week as I am slammed with work, so just be aware it wouldn’t ship out right away.
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