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  • Seeking wisdom for best salvage

    I need to sell some guitars if not most of them and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to leave aftermarket parts on?? (See photo)
    Ex. that Kramer has a schaller bridge, that'd at a guess be like $500NZ to buy a new one on it's own... and I have a bad feeling I wouldn't get any more than the going rate on reverb for the guitar either way, no matter what tuning stability or anything I said it had?
    And the Jackson, its just shiny crap at the end of the day right?
    But on the other hand, maybe if I just set my price, well it only takes one person to be interested right so I might do alright? Cheers peeps
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    I don't usually see people pay full value on used guitars with up-grades. If you still have the stock trem and dont have to buy one, I'd put that back on and sell them individually or make it a option for the upgrade ?

    On the other those things might be what attracts someone.
    "Slow Hand"


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      Aye... Now that you mention it, as reverb does enable offers I could include the option to remove some parts for reduced price. Big hmm


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        Upgrades dont bump the price on the used market normally, and if they do its for less than the part would be on its own.

        Return to stock, sell the parts separately.


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          Depends on how much time/effort you want to put into selling it. For instance, if you're talking about pickups, but you're not handy with a soldering iron, it might be more of a pain for you to swap the pickups than to just sell them and take the loss.

          For a bridge, you have to factor in the cost of strings if you care about that, like if it's going to cost you $10-20 NZ (no idea what prices are like there) you have to think about that as an added cost for you to swap your bridge back in. Trems are pretty easy to swap though, so if you think you can get like $200 or something then it's probably worth it.

          Just a different thing for you to think about.


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            If you want to get off of it, sell it as-is, throw the extra parts in the case and be done with it. The time and effort you put into reverting it back isn't worth it, imo.