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Sperzel locking tuner replacement

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  • Sperzel locking tuner replacement

    Anyone know of another brand of tuners that are a direct replacement for Sperzel? I believe they have an odd ball size for the post and have that little locating pin.

    I fucking hate Sperzel, would have much preferred Schaller mini locking ones but they were the only option at KxK at the time.

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    Easiest is use Hipshots with the UMP system. No screws required.


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      Hmmm, not sure they make those for a 7 and while I know I may be a little nit picky they look ugly as fuck from my Googling

      My issue is that I'm pretty sure I have a burr on at least 2 of my Sperzels since twice now my high E snapped at the tuner while I was playing, although not playing the high E string. My nut is unlocked right now, so must have vibrated enough for whatever sharp edge to cut the high E, also happened once with my D string.

      While I can file burrs, I've never liked Sperzels, but from my Googling it looks like I may have to put up with the original alignment pin hole being visible if I want to swap it out. Sure, looks aren't everything and on a production guitar I wouldn't give 2 shits, but on my customs I would like it to be perfect

      Looking at their webpage I see they have a "Trim-lok" model now, so not sure if I should double down for aesthetics sake and just replace them with the new model and hope that there's no issues.

      Although, I'm not sure how I feel about giving money to a company who's marketing department literally thought using the following picture to show off their 8 string sets was anywhere near a good idea.

      Click image for larger version

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        Nevermind, "Trim-lok" apparently doesn't mean anything, it's just their standard locking tuner. Seriously, their marketing department is on fucking meth. In what world does "Trim-lok" not imply that it's like Planetwaves auto trim or whatever tuner?


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          I liked Sperzels until I owned Schallers, so I'm right with you. My Carvin is the only guitar left w/Sperzels on it and one of these days I'm just going to say fuck it and put Schallers on it, holes be damned.

          I will say that their (Sperzel) customer service is awesome. I think they're a lot more mom and pop than the other brands. I had to buy a replacement for my Carvin shortly after I got it because it also had a burr, and I think it was like the owner's mom that was emailing back and forth with me.


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            I know that I could file it, it's just that my guitars don't see enough use for this to be usual wear and tear It's just a piss off when I finally have 5 minutes to sit down and play a little bit and *ping* there goes my high E when I wasn't even attempting a half ass solo on it.


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              Sperzel is indeed a mom & pop shop, though Bob Sperzel passed away a few years ago.


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                I have 3 7 strings with umps and Hipshots. Who sees the back of the fucking headstock anyway?


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                  Maybe I'm misunderstanding, I see the plates for 3+3 and 6 inline, but nothing for 7s. Did you get another one and Dremel off part of it or something?


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                    Also, to your second point about who sees it, I will

                    The thing is, we're looking at this from 2 perspectives. You're a guy who's actually a working musician, that plays in a band and writes music and records albums and shit

                    I'm just a dude who's lucky if he gets to play an hour in a weeks time that guitar is simply a hobby. I spend more time tinkering with shit than actually playing, because tinkering is quiet and won't wake my daughter up


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                      Yeah, I did have to snip one of the plates down. I think Dave did it on his LP7 just by stacking them, though - they're very thin and designed to go over top of each other.

                      I get the aesthetic thing. I wonder if the Fender Scahller pin located ones would fit?


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                        Graphtech Ratio tuners with the right invisomount plate might work. At least this thread appears to indicate it would

                        The Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop makes pro quality guitars, basses, pickups and accessories for musicians of all levels. Made in the USA, ...

                        edit: seems the guy still ended up drilling a hole for the mounting screw.
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                          Hmmm, those look like they might fit the bill. I'll have to check them out, thanks!


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                            Also I'm not opposed to drilling new holes as long as the existing alignment pin hole is covered.


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                              Here is an overlay of Gotoh and Schaller tuners the Sperzel is purple.

                              As you can see the pin hole will peek out a little in each case. I personally wouldnt be bothered by that but I can understand why it might bother folks.
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