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    EMG DG20 Assistance

    I snagged Cam’s EMG DG20 pickguard a few weeks back. He notified me up front that the previous owner extended some of the wires and when I was running the output jack wires through, they pulled apart. I re-connected them, ran all the terminals into the PCB board, then tested it. Nothing but buzz and hum. If I turned the EXG control all the way down, I could hear a faint tapping across all the pickups, but the selector switch does nothing.

    Figured it was just the shitty wiring that got mangled, so I ordered a new output jack from EMG with all new solderless connectors, got it in today, hooked it all up and the same fuckin’ thing, just a bunch of buzz.

    I have removed the original ground from the Strat. The pickup cavity is shielded, but that doesn’t really matter because to rule EVERYTHING out, I pulled everything off the pickguard and ruled out any possibility of a short; so basically I had just the PCB, pickups, battery and output jack siting in my lap. I started plugging in one pickup at a time to see if I could get anything to work and still nothing.

    I’ve actually done this three times now, thinking I missed something each time and while I’m remaining fairly level headed lately, that last time ended with me taking some aggression out inanimate objects.

    I cannot wrap my head around this one. I’ve gone through this fucking thing 5 times now, unplugging every fucking wire and slowly plugging them back in, ensuring they’re sliding onto the jacks perfectly with without force. Every. Single. Fucking. Wire. Repeatedly.

    While I won’t touch that thing again tonight, I’m open to any ideas.
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