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    This popped up on my FB page. Apparently we’ve been wasting time actually playing guitars…

    The ultimate virtual 8-string guitar for rock and metal music! Create crystal-clear leads, screaming leads, and brutal chugs, all with stunning realism.

    Create screaming solos and chugging rhythms that you’ll swear were recorded live. Shreddage 3 Hydra is the culmination of a decade of obsessively creating some of the best virtual guitars out there (if we do say so ourselves).

    Drop-tuned to low E, with an uncompromisingly powerful heavy tone — but it has an excellent clear tone, too. As close to 8-string guitar perfection as you’ll find in a virtual instrument.

    Are you a guitarist yourself? Put Hydra to work as a songwriting tool and let it inspire you to reach new heights.
    Don't expect much, it's not like I'm a Rocket Surgeon...

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    Djent tools.


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      Popped up in my feed as well. I guess it can have its uses like any other "real instrument" VST. Listening to those clips it sounds more like the RSE tones from Guitar Pro than the real thing, so I don't think we've got any thing to worry about for the time being.


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        Yeah Nah. This is absolutely not for me.


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          "No synthesizers or ulterior motives..."
          Don't expect much, it's not like I'm a Rocket Surgeon...