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Putting new pickups in my Gretsch

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  • Putting new pickups in my Gretsch

    Hey all, I'm working on putting new pickups in my Gretsch and need some help.

    The pickups that game in my Double Jet are basically hot PAF-style humbuckers, and I wanted something brighter and lower output, so I ordered some Blacktop Filtertrons.

    The stock pickups were wired to the pots like you'd expect, but the new Filtertrons came with this quick connect clip. The lead on the pickups is too short to reach the pots, so I need to extend it.

    How should I do that? Am I okay to just clip the quick connect, get some 22 or 24 AWG wire, and solder it onto the hot and ground? Do I need to worry about shielding those wires?

    New pickup lead is below in this pic. The stock pickups looked like they were two conductor, but one of the leads was soldered with the ground? The pots aren't push-pull or anything like that, so this single conductor shouldn't be a problem I don't think.

    Click image for larger version

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    You should be fine to just clip the connector off and extend the wires. The black wire of the new pickup looks thicker to me, is it actually the ground and sheild together under more heat shrink? As for what wire to use, regular 2 conducter sheilded cable will be fine, just solder the shield wire to ground.


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      I'm no help , good luck hope all goes to plan.