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  • This guy Rocco

    He is reaching "I can do whatever I want on the guitar" status.

    Some won't like the music but listen to the solo starting around 1:05.

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    It's driving me crazy, I know this cat from somewhere, but I can't remember where.... Aaaargh!


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      Super good playing. I liked the pentatonic descending run in the second solo. That shit's hard. Just wish it wasn't a mimed, though. I know a lot of guys like to put their best foot forward and all. If that's their bag, so be it. I really just like hearing people jam, though.

      Edit: If I'm watching a video of someone playing, I mean. If it's audio only, do whatever in however many takes if that's your thing. But if it's video, not really into watching a mimed performance.
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        I reckon he might have been on the Racer X or Petrucci forums ages ago. No way of checking now both are dead.