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BÖC - Florida Man

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  • BÖC - Florida Man

    Been jamming this since it came out. Huge BÖC fan. One of the best jams from 2020.

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    That was pretty good. I need to check out that album. I really like Old BOC and saw them a lot in the old days.

    Now I gotta go listen to Verterans of the Psychic Wars about 50 times now...

    O K T H E N


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      In my FB memories earlier this week, it showed me I was at a BOC show exactly 11 years ago this past Monday. My buddy was opening up for them at the venue inside Gillette stadium. I ate dinner with all those guys before the show. Rudy Sarzo was with them then. Everyone was really cool and it was more like having dinner with a bunch of contractors more than it was having dinner with a bunch of rock legends.

      Then a couple years later I found out my buddy Richie joined and I was so stoked for him to get that gig.

      I should really go through their discography and hear all of it, I know they’ve got a lot more than “Don’t Fear The Reaper” and “Godzilla”. I certainly give them props for still keeping at it.
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