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If you dig Dissection and old school Dimmu Borgir...

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    If you dig Dissection and old school Dimmu Borgir... owe it to yourself to check out the new STORMKEEP album, Tales Of Othertime.

    That's just pure entertainment from start to finish.

    This album kicks so much butt. I bought it last week.


      this style of black metal is something I'm not really into, well black metal in general is not really my thing. dissection is a band i always paid attention from afar but never really got into. anyways it seems like all these blood incantation spinoff bands are at least living up to the hype. i often see people say that blood incantation and their associated projects are over hyped, and i get that somewhat but they are over hyped for a reason, they are actually a group of talented musicians in a sea of mediocrity. speaking of which i was really into the black curse record that came out last year, that was black metal adjacent, more blackened death.


        To be honest Disection were melodeath, they just got lumped in with BM because Nodveidt was a lunatic.

        Not sure where the link to BI comes from here though,sounds like that needs it's own thread for you, me and maybe 2 other members to participate in

        More Disection worship from a band I can hilariously call labelmates :