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I don't know Emily Nacchio

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  • I don't know Emily Nacchio

    But sign her up for kicking some major ass. Song is kind of Bro rock, but she kills it.

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    She certainly has the Dio-isms down in this cover.


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      Isn't she RevDrucifer's mate's sister-in-law?


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        Originally posted by Dominic
        Isn't she RevDrucifer's mate's sister-in-law?
        Good memory! Damn!

        Yeah, she’s Ritchie’s wife’s sister. Cool chick, too. Both her and her sister are great fucking singers/musicians and if I remember right, their whole family is musically inclined. I miss all those people and that environment. Even though it was high school, it was all healthy competition that made us all want to be great at what we did. That was easily my favorite period of my school years. The amount of talent in that guitar class was just insane and I think it was because of that healthy competition and everyone just wanting to share their knowledge. Ritchie is the one who taught me how to dial in an amp for a live tone, actually.
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          Headless guitar dude really needs to work on his image. The "Straight off of the sex offender registry" look isn't very rock and roll.