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Todd La Torre - Rejoice in the Suffering

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  • Todd La Torre - Rejoice in the Suffering

    My old drummer popped up and told me to check this out yesterday. Seems like something a lot of peeps on here would dig:

    Don't expect much, it's not like I'm a Rocket Surgeon...

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    I think I made about a post about this when it came out. There’s some pretty cool tunes on here but overall didn’t blow me away.
    The Karmic Law is not kismet. It is not fate but cause and effect. It is a taskmaster to the unwise; a servant to the wise.


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      I dig it, sounds a lot like old Flotsam.

      The whole production is a little too busy for me and at times I can't tell if they're ripping off QR, Priest or F&J but not a bad tune either way.

      Once I close this thread I'll never listen to it again though.