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RIP Jeff LaBar

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  • RIP Jeff LaBar


    Jeff LaBar of Cinderella passes away at the age of 58

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    Gah 😩

    Was lucky enough to play a gig with Jeff and Eric back in 2004, and he was an A+ dude. The promoter, club and radio station dropped the ball and did zero promotion for the gig so there were like 5 people plus us and our families there. It was a bummer but they still played like there were 1000 people in the audience.

    Super cool guy, didn't let the turnout get him down. Just hungout, talked about the old days, talked gear, etc. Underrated player too, RIP.


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      I'm a huge Cinderella fan and I had this dude on my bedroom wall (in the Night Songs poster) from ~1986 when it came out to when I left for college in '95.

      RIP. Hell of a player, great band. They got lumped in with hair metal but Cinderella is/was just a great rock and blues band.


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        Also - the solo into the slide opening of Night Songs from ~16:00 to 22:00 (with the guitar toss and all) is fucking super cool and totally worth 5 minutes of your time.