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  • AI viking metal lyrics generator

    Here's something I made a while back. Turn up mead level for more creativity (i.e. AI makes up its own words).

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    Burn it hear my days enetal
    Loke at wasted our world to fight and have me
    Breede away

    Some is to till
    Glory rise and nek
    (ipwards rise the horse

    So refire it's to seen
    the last night men at make
    knows they need in the grasters on my sword

    So surrounger with sond seed
    No mother of life
    We had from the stands are inning

    Fire warning for, a loved the bloods
    My saitons reach man begin
    Brops on the shores

    He all the play of has earth
    When you lie is burns mind
    Over the cållight with the tree

    On the those soul out yous lose to fight....
    for the days him a bounts
    And we are has a missicted gove befull

    The with on heroes the blood
    Now only nothand with heart
    Swords is the forest with and shame

    The coming one for the words of Crush
    Wathers for the ried
    I will for you vallings your and wimp

    No life is no alone
    A rise by the fall
    And the winter hands and the ancient

    Live time at the low and the fear
    As they arrived is no man or sover to God gods
    Ensvody pan the curses of a light


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      Fire of the ancient to remort
      No the holy done dead the set his life
      The truth is blood of the still

      He stand of the dark the wind in the common
      I will be a stand and stay it night
      And the life with a every war

      The time to the wind of the star
      To see a wind and steel
      A freed the place of the sounds in the power

      The stars of the sky
      The fall will not be the fight
      In the battle of the winter has he will be strength, souls of death

      When the sun with a soul
      When you welk he stand for me with a gran
      I can't never return

      I will some in the land
      With the fields of the shadows of the wind
      I will feel the dead and sword

      We sudde the light of the war
      Low the horn and fire
      The speak and bleed the call

      Before the black to the sky
      A sacrions of the sky
      I can a change of ride

      Burning as the star
      Death when you seems to see your destiny
      I'm now the storm of metal in the need

      The wind of the wind in the soul
      The wind of all of the last of dead
      I've read worse...
      Don't expect much, it's not like I'm a Rocket Surgeon...


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        Too bad it doesn’t actually use your song title words in the lyrics

        Quad Cortex We are We World

        Some of the shall of more
        Now the blood of Thore is no grow the battle for the dark of the stands of learn
        But we are remains

        Black will die and see the free
        A live me my sight.
        I will mountain and death the soul

        Stare of the tunder and now and death
        When betrouthers and men
        The fight of the granders of the death

        My hall of the hate
        I'm a look and flame it live and stands
        The coming of the swords of lies of divine

        When the shadows of blood of the shadows of the see
        We will long in screams
        I'm a stay the warriors of the sky

        He return to star to the stars
        For the will be dead con wait
        So shall we will be not be strong

        To the world of the blade
        When reign of the body wind and the wind
        Stand and gods of the strives all the steel

        To not in the calls
        Into the way to the Dark and sound
        The storm in the graves the stand

        On the needing hands through the stands of the world
        We guide the bodace and the stars
        And me are metal and with the sky

        The hores of the fire


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          It uses the seed words only when those are in its vocabulary. I’m planning to give it a new brain with GPT2 which is a lot better at context.

          I made a Trump twitter bot with GPT2:


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            Broken crown the blood

            The world of the soul be my sword
            The power of the stars of the day and side
            The see the stands and fight

            We are the end of the darkness
            The black of my war
            We will be in the sky

            The battle of the search to the fire
            I will fate and the sky
            Sword of the souls of the hands of the hearts and flames

            I can see the fire of the stand
            And the wind of the world of the seas
            The have on the stars

            The wind of the winds of the world
            And the world of the sky
            And the wind with a soul with the war down

            The stars of the battle see the horse in the side
            We revergen to be fall
            They storm and the fire of the soul

            The sky of the soul and the soul
            When you will be the shall be return
            The wind of the world will find the stars

            A sacrifice of the stars of the sky
            The stars of the storm of the swords to stand
            And the winds of war

            The soul and war and stand of the stand
            With all me as with the star
            I will be the wind and fire in the side

            The search of the swords of the stand
            I am going to have a ball with this.
            O K T H E N


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              Originally posted by Webdood

              I am going to have a ball with this.
              Is there anyone who isn't "REVERGEN TO BE FALT" though? That seems kind of unnecessary to declare.


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                This is glorious.

                If we give you some seed ideas can you make a MM shitpost generator?


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                  Originally posted by Chris
                  a MM shitpost generator?
                  That's my job.

                  I refuse to be replaced by automation.


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                    Originally posted by Chris
                    This is glorious.

                    If we give you some seed ideas can you make a MM shitpost generator?
                    Yup. :-D.

                    What I'd need is the texts of a bunch of shitposts to train it on...