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    At a current flat-fee of $5 a month, I figured I’d sign up for a couple months to see what it was all about. I can definitely see some Vai fans loving the shit out of this. This is my first patreon experience so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but he put up an hour long video on cab-mic’ing and it was worth the $5 alone. That might have been the best video on micing a cab and blending mics I’ve ever seen. Albeit, a bit specialized as he’s using his studio setup, which is rather unique, to demo it all. Dude puts 4 mics on the actual cab then has 3 pairs of stereo room mics he mixes in. I was surprised that, much like drums, he uses a lot of the room to get the sound.

    I didn’t look around at everything offered there now, but it definitely seems worth the $5. I know he’s got a video just about delay coming out where he talks about delay for an hour; that’s the kind of stuff I’m curious about. I already know all I want to know about Vai’s technique and how I’m never going to adopt it into my own playing, I’m more curious on his thoughts about tones, recording, mixing, etc. than anything else these days.

    He’s also keeping the two series he had during the pandemic going; Under It All and Alien Guitar Secrets, going on there. Under It All is just all the esoteric/spiritual stuff that I love hearing him talk about and the delay/cab mic stuff falls under Alien Guitar Secrets. There’s also some riff lessons, short stories/tales and you can message him on there for a FAQ type of video.

    Not sure how long I’ll subscribe to it, but it’s cool to check out for now. While his music doesn’t inspire me as much these days, pretty much everything else about him does.
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