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Specialty audio multimeter leads/Pedalboard Multimeter-Impedence Meter?

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  • Leon
    I think what you have there is the best you'll find... homemade parts with good heatshrink tubing

    A couple years ago I had some plans to build a small box, about the size of a Phase 90, where you could plug into a speaker cabinet and get a readout of the impedance, for purposes of daisy-chaining cabs, or if you're borrowing, backlining, etc. But, as with most things, something in life took priority and I never built it.

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  • Specialty audio multimeter leads/Pedalboard Multimeter-Impedence Meter?

    Anyone know where to get any of these things? I looked and can't really find anything. Usually I just make my own. Like banana ----> TRS for seeing how much charge active guitars have left or banana ----> barrel connector, but I'd rather have sturdy molded ones like all the other multimeter leads you can buy. This sort of thing, only fully molded. Like a kit terminating in audio centric type connections instead of alligator clips or the other longtime standards you see in multimeter leads.

    Also, I know One Spot does a utility pedal that measures how much power you are drawing you can mount on a board, but is there anything more fully featured out there as far as utility pedals go?

    The 1 spot is cool, but it's pretty bare as far as features go. I'd rather have other utility functions relating to measuring input/output impedence instead of a cable continuity tester.