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  • A (very) belated NAD

    With my always impeccable timing, right before the pandemic struck, I moved from a house to an apartment to get closer to work. Unfortunately, this meant that my cobbled together dream rig (a TriAxis into the FX return of a Fender amp into a 2x12) was too loud and too big. I stuck out the last year playing through plugins, but I missed the feel (and lack of latency) of a real amp. I picked up a Revv G20 in August, but didn't bond with it at all and sent it back. Then the Badlander rack was announced, and I had to get my hands on it. This guy showed up in early February, and after some repairs to the TriAxis, I finally got it all mounted and wired.

    I've never owned a Rectifier amp, so I haven't spent enough time with others to compare, but this thing rips for rhythms out of the box. I still lean towards the TriAxis for cleans and leads, the Badlander is a bit... stiff for those sounds, but it can get by. The crunch channel with a TS boost is great for 80s thrashy, fast stuff, while the crush mode (unboosted but max gain) is really a great tight modern metal tone. The mids are in a completely different place from the Triaxis mids, they sound relatively scooped to my ear even with the knobs at 12 o'clock, and this thing does not do flub at all surprisingly. Unlike most Mesa's I've messed with, it seems to be happiest with the tone stack knobs around the middle.

    You can find a boatload of clips on youtube and from some of the other guys on this forum like Vince and Ola, so I'm not gonna add to that pile. Since this thing is kinda marketed on it's silent recording capabilities, I figured if anyone wants to send me their favorite IR, I can record something (or reamp a DI guitar you send) with that and see how it fits in with your sound/rig; I feel like that may be more helpful than hearing me play my own riffs in my own songs.
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      Sweet! I'm still infatuated with the one I got to play through at Capitol Guitars a while back. My Jackson H7 with Fishman Open Cores into the Badlands, with no pedals at all, was insanely brutal right out of the gate.

      After Chris's Soldano setup, I may envy your rig the most.
      Don't expect much, it's not like I'm a Rocket Surgeon...


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        The clips I've heard of those sound very nice indeed