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NPD: Another reverb

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    NPD: Another reverb

    So, adding to my recent fascination with reverb pedals, I’ve added the current flavor of the week, The Universal Audio Golden Reverberator.

    Click image for larger version

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    I really like it a lot. It’s got three reverb types (four, if you register it): Plate, Spring, Hall, and (if you register it) chamber. Within each type, there are three variations, i.e. different spring types, different plate types, etc. In addition, there is modulation too. Pretty cool. Interestingly, there is one preset. One. Pretty much like a Strymon “Favorite” switch, really. IMHO, having had Fractal, again borrowing a AxeIII again with Cygnus, having a Big Sky on loan for a month, owning an MXR M300, owning an Eventide H9, and finally currently owning a Meris Mercury 7, this is pretty much the finest reverb I’ve ever heard, including THE best spring emulation in any pedal or modeler.

    It’s not without its drawbacks. As I said, there’s one preset. There’s also no MIDI. It’s expensive. It doesn’t have shimmer, octaves, or any of the space whale fucking sounds that the Strymon have, for example. But if you want really, really good mainstream reverb, and don’t care about MIDI, this is the one, IMO. It blows the Boss RV-500 out of the water. Then again, of the 500/200 series, the RV is NOT one of my favorites anyway.
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    Plate? Suck it, Neural DSP!




        Originally posted by Chris View Post
        Yes yes, that sound, with the decay and mix all the way up, modulation to…….taste.