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  • NPD: Sweet Ride

    Held back on getting this, which those who know, is rather odd for me, but finally bought on this past month.

    And some crappy clips for good measure.

    The Free The Tone Black Vehicle came out around the time the String Slinger and Fire Mist drives, which where part of their 15th anniversary integrated series. So the built quality is as top tier as it gets, it's heavy and built like a tank. Soundwise, it has an organic, amp like character, a generous amount of bottom end from the Mix control and very touch sensitive. The boost switch, and the pre/post boost control allows for more tonal options and can grind when you push the gain hard enough.

    My only gripe is the Black Vehicle doesn't have a DI output jack. It's not a deal breaker for me personally since I'm used to having my bass amps with DI, but it's a big deal for those who have used other OD/DI units, and most bass drive pedals usually have them included by default. Also this is an expensive unit (it's FTT of course it's expensive).

    Still, I think the Black Vehicle is great (unsurprisingly). After being used to the high gain/compressed sounds of Darkglass, this is a really cool and different alternative.